The Contra Costa County Climate Leaders (4CL) program is a network assisting the county and its 19 cities to inform, support and encourage the measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through education and sharing of best practices we will ensure sustainable, healthy and livable cities.


Richmond Accomplishments:

General Plan Update

  • The Richmond General Plan of 2030 was approved in April 2012. It includes elements on Community Health and Wellness, Energy and Climate Change, Open Space preservation

Climate Action Planning

  • In 2008,  Richmond passed a resolution committing the City to reduce its GHG emissions by the targets as set forth by AB 32, lowering its GHG emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.
  • Incorporated an Energy and Climate Change element into their General Plan. The element provides policy direction for Richmond to protect its energy resources and respond to climate change.
  • In 2009, Richmond completed its greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

Community Support

  • In 2008,  Richmond became a signatory of the Urban Environmental Accords, a promise of over a 100 cities working to make sustainable decisions that benefit the community, the economy and the environment. Richmond has accomplished 14 of the 21 actions stated in the Accords.
  • Richmond Rivets, or Transition Richmond, is an environmental initiative to combat climate change.
  • The City was chosen was the preferred site for the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Berkeley Bay Campus which will focus on biological sciences and renewable energy research.

City of Richmond website.

Last updated April 2019.


The City of Richmond is a leader in environmental health and justice initiatives.  Whether it’s through our new sustainability-focused General Plan, our bike and pedestrian pathways, our community gardens, our clean-tech businesses, our solar & energy efficiency rebates or our award-winning green job training program, the City of Richmond is transforming itself into a 21st Century city reversing the profound environmental and social ills of the past century.

Gayle McLaughlin, Councilmember and former Mayor, City of Richmond, CA