The Contra Costa County Climate Leaders (4CL) program is a network assisting the county and its 19 cities to inform, support and encourage the measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through education and sharing of best practices we will ensure sustainable, healthy and livable cities.


Lafayette Accomplishments:

General Plan Update

  • The City Council last updated Lafayette’s General Plan in 2002. At that time it included minor elements on energy conservation, reducing vehicle emissions and solid wastes and conserving water.

Climate Action Planning


Waste Reduction

  • There are currently no projects in waste reduction

Water Conservation


Open Space

Community Support

  • Lafayette Chamber of Commerce created a Green Committee to promote sustainable and green businesses in Lafayette.
  • Residents work closely thru Sustainable Lafayette, a local non-profit organization
  • Local residents participate in the Lafayette Open Space Group which works to identify potential land available for acquisition and to create awareness of the need to protect undeveloped land.

City of Lafayette Website

Lafayette is committed to developing and implementing environmental policies and programs that will enable the City and its residents to meet their present needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Carl Anduri, Councilmember, City of Lafayette, CA