The Contra Costa County Climate Leaders (4CL) program is a network assisting the county and its 19 cities to inform, support and encourage the measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through education and sharing of best practices we will ensure sustainable, healthy and livable cities.


Moraga Accomplishments

General Plan Update

  • The City Council last updated Moraga’s General Plan in 2002. It included minor elements on improving public transportation and bicycle usage, air quality and protecting the natural environment surrounding Moraga. A general Plan update is due in 2012.

Climate Action Planning


Waste Reduction

Water Conservation


  • Started the Livable Moraga Road Project a community-based planning effort for Moraga Road looking at way to improve traffic flow, safety, and connectivity along the corridor for all users-auto bicycles, pedestrians and transit; connections to neighborhoods, schools, and shopping areas.
  • Participates in subregional transportation planning with Lafayette and Orinda to complete a feasibility study of local commuter shuttle service to provide additional transit options.

Open Space

  • Preservation of Open Space provides carbon sequestering. Moraga has two Designated Priority Conservation Areas. (Indian Valley and Moso and Non-Moso Open Space)
  • Moraga has an Open Space Ordinance protecting open spaces.
  • Moraga has a Tree Preservation Ordinance as of 2003
  • Passed an Integrated Pest Management Plan that reduces pesticide use in parks a 2012 project of the year for the American Public Works Association Northern California Chapter

Community Support

Town of Moraga Website