The Contra Costa County Climate Leaders (4CL) program is a network assisting the county and its 19 cities to inform, support and encourage the measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Through education and sharing of best practices we will ensure sustainable, healthy and livable cities.


Antioch Accomplishments:

General Plan Update

  • The City Council last updated the General Plan in 2003. It included elements on the sustainable use of water and energy and vehicle efficiency.
  • An Environmental Impact Report was also created in 2003 along with the General Plan.

Climate Action Planning


  • Completed a large-scale LED streetlight and city building retrofit project, expected to save taxpayers more than $500,000 annually in energy costs and reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 20 percent.
  • Antioch will be updating its Construction and Demolition Ordinance to bring it line with California’s Green Building Standards Code. Under the revisions, all new structures in Antioch, alterations to structures costing more than $75,000 and demolition of a structure larger than 120 square feet will be required to follow the ordinance.

Waste Reduction

Water Conservation

  • Maintains a Water Conservation Page where residents have access to resources such as performing water audits and Bay-friendly landscaping techniques.
  • In 2010 Antioch passed the Urban Water Management Plan for more efficient water use. It requires a range of Best Management Practices and conservation strategies be implemented.
  •  Developed a recycled water project for landscape irrigation of schools, golf courses, and parks.
  • Antioch’s publishes their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program to inform the public.


  • Member of the Tri-Delta Transit with Brentwood, Martinez, and Pittsburg and encourage a Park-and-Ride to BART.
  • Working for extended BART transit to reach Antioch, also with the Water Transit Authority for a ferry service to San Francisco.

Open Space

  • Maintains the Transit and Trails program where residents are connected to parks and open spaces and receive advice on public transportation options including providing transit passes for local groups.

Community Support

  • Has partnered with the Spare the Air Resource team to take the Idle Free Pledge encouraging residents to stop vehicular idling.
  • Since 2012, Antioch has hosted the California Youth Energy Program where local youth gain paid work experience providing free energy and water efficiency services. In 2012, 9 youths helped furnish 303 households with energy efficient upgrades. The City will continue with the project, beginning its third year this summer.

City of Antioch Website

Last updated June 2014